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Decisions, decisions

Many questions have been rattling around in my head over the last few weeks concerning the best way to start this blog. I finally decided late one night that I should just use this as an opportunity to develop my own writing skills and also use the blog as a way in which I can hoard information on medieval pilgrimage which, fascinating as it may be, will probably not make it into my own final thesis

Having decided on the purpose of the blog, I then thought about what the content should be and realised that my interest in the area of pilgrimage only covered its presence in literature and some necessary historical facts that are quite general. I realised I knew relatively little about pilgrimage in my own country of Ireland and almost nothing about people who went on pilgrimage from my locality. This, I decided would be my starting point. From here, I will develop my own knowledge of pilgrimage and hopefully throw in a few interesting facts that may help others in their research.

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