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Positively Deviant!

Just a quick update on my first conference last week. It was an incredibly positive experience. I don’t know what I was expecting really. If I slipped up reading my paper, mispronounced something, would people  start throwing rotten vegetables at me? If I wasn’t able to answer a question, would I have been heckled to death? Funny things go through the nerve-wracked mind. The conference itself was conducted in a fantastic way, with live tweeting, live blogging and lovely herbal teas at the breaks. Interesting papers were given by all and I would like to thank the Bookends team again for a great experience (even though I didn’t get to the after-conference party).

Instead of posting the entire piece (all 2500 words of it), check out this  link to the Bookends live blogging page from my paper “Of swiche cursed stories I sey fy”: Incest and its consequences in Middle English Exempla.


Shocking and most certainly deviant!

Here’s hoping my next conference will be as positive as this!


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I haven’t being paying as much attention to the blog lately as I probably should be, casting it aside like “yesterday’s jam” when another task arose. That task was writing my very first abstract for my very first paper for (yes, you’ve guessed it) my very first conference. UCC’s School of English host the Bookends conference every year and I just could not pass up on their choice of theme – Deviance. Over the last few months I have been working on distorted images of the family (mostly on the depiction of medieval incest) in Middle English literature and how this relates to pilgrimage and travel so I thought this might fit in very nicely in a conference on deviance! It  isn’t the easiest of topics to talk about but once you get through the initial wariness it really is an interesting subject.

Writing this abstract and paper has been a fantastic learning experience and even though the nerves and worries have kicked in I’m looking forward to presenting. Even as I look at my abstract now, I know myself that I have made a few mistake (the excessive use of “I will’s” being one) but it is all part of experience I hope to learn from!

Head on over to the deviant  http://bookendsucc.wordpress.com/abstracts-2012/#comments (if you dare)  to see some other (much better) abstracts along with my travesty. If my paper goes well I’ll post it on the blog and if not, well let’s just say I’ll be powering up the shredder!

And if you remember, spare a thought for a very nervous student next Wednesday at 2!


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